Welcome to TEAM LOCUMS – “Healthcare Staffing Resources”
Welcome to TEAM LOCUMS – “Healthcare Staffing Resources”

Retirees or considering Retirement – Your option is TEAM LOCUM Tenens

Retired or considering retirement and interested in travelling, maintaining your skills, staying involved, and earning great compensation?  If so, we encourage you to consider practicing medicine as a TEAM LOCUM tenens provider.  TEAM LOCUMS jobs are a great way to transition into retirement or return to practicing at your own pace without the headaches associated with managing your own practice or working as a traditional employee. 

TEAM LOCUM tenens jobs have many benefits and are a great way for retirees and those considering retirement to establish the lifestyle they desire:

Freedom.  TEAM LOCUM tenens jobs allow you to choose where and when you want to work. We’re able to place TEAM LOCUMS providers on jobs across the country ranging from a few shifts, weeks, or months at a time to up to a year or more in a variety of practice areas and settings. 

Competitive Compensation.  TEAM LOCUM tenens jobs offer highly competitive pay and Independence.  TEAM LOCUM tenens positions allow you to escape the office politics and administrative hassles of a traditional position.

Support. The experts at Barton Associates will work closely with you to make the locum tenens hiring process as fast and easy as possible.  We help with everything from finding the perfect TEAM LOCUMS job to credentialing, licensing, and travel arrangements.

Malpractice Insurance.  TEAM LOCUMS provides ‘A’ rated medical malpractice insurance for all of its TEAM LOCUM tenens providers while on assignment, free of charge, and will assist you with enrollment in patient compensation funds if required. 

TEAM LOCUMS is a leading national locum tenens agency with extensive experience helping physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners like you find the perfect TEAM LOCUM tenens position.

Call TEAM LOCUMS at 1-844-578-TEAM (8326) to discuss your specific situation.

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