Welcome to TEAM LOCUMS – “Healthcare Staffing Resources”
Welcome to TEAM LOCUMS – “Healthcare Staffing Resources”


TEAM LOCUMS knows how valuable your time is.   We work hard to make our healthcare staffing resource services as fast, easy and effective as possible.  We recognize our clients' main concern next to quality patient care is managing their costs. This is why we work closely with our clients and bring them the most qualified provider at the best possible rate.  With our foundation of knowledge and personal attention, we are able to match providers with the best-fit facility.

Identification of Need

As a first step, your account manager will work with you to gather key pieces of information, including the type of physician, advanced practitioner or nurse needed, the start date, the duration of the need, and your budget parameters. Of course, if you’re planning for a future need, we recognize that you may not have all of this information locked down yet.

Candidate Submission

Now that we understand what you’re looking for, TEAM LOCUMS goes to work.  We’ll leverage TEAM LOCUMS extensive database and network to locate highly-skilled, pre-screened providers available to fill your need(s).  CVs and other critical information will be presented for your review.

Candidate Interviews

Once you’ve selected the candidate(s) you’re interested in, we can coordinate interviews with you and your team, if required.  Generally, these interviews occur over the phone and provide the opportunity to get to know your locum tenens candidate so you can make an informed decision.

Candidate Selection

After you’ve had a chance to evaluate the TEAM LOCUM tenens candidates, simply let us know which provider you’d like to contribute to your team.


Now that we’ve all agreed to move forward, we’ll assign a TEAM LOCUMS credentialing expert to serve as the liaison between your credentialing department and the provider to ensure your organization’s process goes as smoothly as possible and that we’re ready to go on day one!


While the TEAM LOCUM physician, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner is on assignment, you’ll only pay TEAM LOCUMS a pre-agreed amount. Unlike hiring a permanent employee, you incur no overhead costs associated with things like medical benefits, retirement plans, or medical malpractice insurance.

Throughout the locum tenens assignment, your dedicated account manager will follow-up with you to ensure that everything is running smoothly and is available to address any questions or concerns you may have.

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